Hello Universe!

My name is Danielle Thérèse Léger and I am an artist.

I love art for it’s a Universal language. Art never ceases to demonstrate how connected we are.

I am passionate about creating art that finds the beauty in all Humans, Animals, and the Environment, depicting all of us as equals and free. Whether painting Animals being Free in Space, our Environment and its natural beauty, or Humans and our beauty with anxieties and feelings of imperfections, I paint to create a portal of open dialogue for what I feel needs to be more discussed.

I am passionate about painting Space as it reminds me to Zoom Out and see the Bigger Picture; to reconnect with the Truth that we are One. These borders are illusions. Earth is our Home. So lets Take Care of our Home and Everything in it, including Each Other and Ourselves. We are in this Life together. When we harm other beings and parts of the Earth, we are harming unique pieces of our home and of ourselves. The more we help, respect, and are kind to all beings, the better this World becomes for Everyone.

I am passionate about pointing out the Truths of what is happening in our World, and more so finding ways to help and create a positive impact; to accept the Negative and see the Positive, and to Love and Respect everything.

I am passionate about admiring the World and Growing More in Love with Every part of it. The Truth is that when we Love something, we do not want to harm it.

Over some Thé Léger (meaning ‘Light Tea’ in French), grab a cup (I ❤ tea) and lets talk. I invite you to strike up a conversation with someone over one of the issues I paint about on how we can all be a little more proactive to help create a positive impact in the World!

Much love,