tilikum1.jpg“Tilikum” : Painting on canvas using acrylic paint ★ 2017

I made this piece in memory of Tilikum, an orca who was captured in 1983 and died on January 6, 2017, in SeaWorld Orlando, Florida, U.S.

Blackfish, a 2013 documentary that looks at Tilikums story, demonstrates the sad reality of this animals life having spent 33 years in a small tank in SeaWorld. Unfortunately, Tilikums story is just one out of many.

Devastatingly, a 3-month-old orca named Kyara, born in April at SeaWorld San Antonio, has just died at SeaWorld today. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) claims that “the last orca born at SeaWorld is one of 40 who have died on their watch.” Furthermore, PETA states that “like so many captive orcas before her, Kyara died without the comfort of her mother or family.”

PETA via Instagram: “Today is officially #BoycottSeaWorldDay  Because animals who can swim up to 100 miles a day don’t belong in pools. Because no one deserves to grow up without their family. Because orcas are intelligent, complex, feeling individuals, and they are worthy of so much more.”

We are all meant to be free on this Earth. Imagine how anyone would feel being caged for their entire lives. This is not natural. This is cruel. Caging any being that large in a tank so tremendously small is torture. Caging any being that is made to swim in the vast unpredictable ocean, and is forced to swim in circles around the same predictable tank, is horrendous. Please find it in your hearts the willingness to speak up and help free these beautiful animals.


What can you do?

  1. Do not go to marine parks! Join PETA in using the hashtag #BoycottSeaWorldDay and choosing NOT to go to marine parks!
  2. E-mail Sea World! This already written e-mail from PETA is here for you. You can edit the text as you like, (I added a paragraph to it), but you don’t have to. All you have to do is write down your name and e-mail, and press SEND. Here’s the link!  https://secure.peta.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=6453
  3. Donate! After having sent the e-mail to SeaWorld, PETA brings up a page with the opportunity to donate to help animals who are exploited, abused, and mistreated. If you are willing, donate as much as you can, and even $1 is helpful.
  4. Stay informed! Watch Blackfish and other documentaries, YouTube videos, read articles, and follow Instagram accounts like PETA to stay informed about the truths of what is happening to these beautiful creatures.





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