Time Is On My Side

hihihiSketch on paper using pencil + acrylic paint + oil sticks ★ 2015

This piece signifies the presence of Anxiety in my life. I am still learning to Accept Anxiety and see it as a Blessing.

I constantly have the feeling that I am running out of time – I never feel like I have enough time.

This little girl is me, and maybe she’s you too.

We are all born into a world holding the incredible weight of Time. We live on an Earth that is constantly moving… “Tic Toc, Tic Toc”…

The Earth will not stop. The ticking will not stop. The Earth will keep moving round and round and round….. And so will Time.

This piece being “unfinished” represents how I feel nothing will ever be quite finished – There is always something I want to do, and I am always thinking, “Will I have enough time to do it?”

We are the only beings (as far as I know) who are aware that we will one day die. This inevitable fate sometimes overwhelms me.

I am constantly pulling between two extremes – laughing and crying at the fragility of Life.

We are always the youngest we will be right now.

Time scares me sometimes, but I’ve been in the process of learning that Time is not our Enemy – Time is our Friend. I am grateful for Time. I am grateful that I have had the Time to spend with Family, Friends, and do the things I love to do like Travel, be Creative, and Live!

What helps me with the overwhelming feeling that I get sometimes are the following: (Even just 10 minutes of doing one of these helps!)

  1. Meditation. I love the app Headspace. Check it out @ https://www.headspace.com/. It is a beautiful app that takes you through Meditation practices. I try and meditate every morning. It helps significantly.
  2. Therapy. This feeling of Anxiety has been significantly reduced through talking with a professional. I highly recommend this as well, in whichever way you can, whether through school, or elsewhere.
  3. Action. Whatever it is you want to do and are overthinking about – Just do it, put it into Action. It helps.
  4. Yoga. Or any type of exercise for that matter! Your body and mind will Thank You.

I also Fell in Love with the movie Alice Through the Looking Glass – it reminded me that Time is our friend. Time is what allows us Life and every beautiful thing that comes with it.

Anxiety can teach us many things. Anxiety has taught me to get on doing what I want to do – It is a lovely push and reminder to Follow your Dreams. I have enough time. You have enough time. I Believe in ‘Divine Timing’. We are all exactly where we Need to Be. The Here and Now is Here to Teach you something. Go inside yourself and See what that is. What is the feeling of Anxiety teaching You?

A friendly Reminder : “Time is On My (Your) Side” … If you don’t believe me, just listen to The Rolling Stones… ❤



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